Your First Pick for Commercial and Residential Plumbing in Kamloops BC

Your First Pick for Commercial and Residential Plumbing in Kamloops BC

Your First Pick for Commercial and Residential Plumbing in Kamloops BC

Your First Pick for Commercial and Residential Plumbing in Kamloops BC

Pickering Plumbing &Heating
Kamloops BC

Pickering Plumbing & Heating provides customers in Kamloops and surrounding communities with unparalleled plumbing and heating services. We are industry leaders, and our clients have grown to appreciate our unwavering commitment to provide premium customer service. To learn more about plumbing and heating services in Kamloops, please contact us today!

TSBC Gas License #: LGA0202333

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  • New Residential Construction

  • Installations

  • Hot Water Tanks & In-Floor Heating

  • Sumps & Water Treatment

  • Sink, Toilet, & Faucet Repair

  • Plumbing Renovations & Alterations

  • Toilets, Steamers, & Bar Sinks

  • Bathroom Fixtures, Drains, Sinks, Showers, & Tubs

  • Furnace Troubleshooting

  • Hydronic Heated Floors

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Mat Pickering

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Why am I not getting enough hot water from my hot water heater?

Your temperature control may be set too low or there may be a faulty thermostat or element. You can try adjusting the small dial at the bottom of the tank and then running the water in your bathroom or kitchen. If that doesn’t change things, you should give us a call and we will ask you about the tank and provide you with a free estimate.

What causes pipe corrosion?

Multiple factors can play a part in pipe corrosion such as the chemicals found in your water, PH levels, oxygen levels, temperature changes, or even water pressure. You may see rust or flaking on the outside of your pipes. To identify corrosion early and to extend the life of your pipes have your water quality tested by a local lab and call us to discuss possible remediation.

Do you do water testing?

We test for hardness and iron. Testing for bacteria must be done in a lab. Bring the results to Pickering Plumbing and we will discuss your options. We recommend VIQUA Water Softeners and Sanitizers, Reverse Osmosis, and UV light systems.  We will work with VIQUA to provide you the right quote.

Can someone buy a Water Filtration system at a home improvement store for you to install?

Yes but it is always better to get a lab test and the advice from an experienced company like VIQUA to pick the right system.

Do you sell hot water tanks?

Yes we do. We look at the number of people and bedrooms in your home and provide you with an estimate for size and price. A gas water tank costs more to install but over time is cheaper to run.  We also install on-demand gas-heated systems (which saves you money on your gas bill).  We can provide the quote you need, order, deliver and install.

Do you install a hot water tank I bought at another store?

Yes, we can.

What are your warranties?

We have a 1 year labour warranty. Manufacturer warranties come with all products.

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

In most cases the smell is due to a buildup of hydrogen sulphide in your hot water heater. If you haven’t used your hot water in sometime this could be the reason for the odour. Try clearing your pipes by turning on your faucets and letting the water run for approximately 10 minutes and then turn it off – the smell should go away. If not, you may need to add a water filter system in your house, clear your hot water heater, or even disinfect the hot water heater. We can help you with all these choices.

How can I prevent drains from clogging?

Watch what goes down your drains, and avoid rinsing cooking oils or fats down your drain as they will solidify when in cold pipes. The use of drain traps will prevent unwanted items going down the drain. If you have a clog, please call us!

How often should I replace my hot water tank?

Most insurance companies recommend replacing your hot water tank every 10 years. You can tell the age of your tank by looking at the labels on the outside. We sell and install water tanks!


Brett R

5 Star Review! Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

Look no further. Pickering Plumbing has been a life-saver and a joy to work with. I wish I had known about them for my last project. Always on time and on budget. Their experts were able get my bathroom reno project back on track and provide some excellent problem solving to avoid costly repairs. This is my only call when I have plumbing and heating related needs. I look forward to working with them for all future projects. Thanks guys!

Ben Haynes

5 Star Review! Mat is awesome… he is very knowledgeable and reasonable prices.

Cherrie Lee Taylor

Services: Toilet installation, Water heater installation, Faucet installation, Shower installation done. Thanks!

Lee Cattle

Matt Pickering with Pickering Plumbing is a top quality plumber who lives in the area.

Gordon D McKay

Great quick, clean service without the extra fat. I bet Mat answers the phone 100-150 times a day and still makes time for any questions you might have.

Vaughan Cattle

Thanks for the fantastic service. Very reasonable, incredibly fast and great quality work. Cheers!

Amy Henville

Thank you so much!! You guys are so awesome and always save our butts. Thank you for being so amazing !!!


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